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In "21" the value of the cards is as marked. King, Queen, Jack and Ten count as 10. The Ace counts as 11 or, if you choose, as 1.

The dealer deals two cards -face up- to each of the players and two cards to himself, one face down and the other face up.

The object of the game is to have your cards total 21, or as near to 21 as possible. If your cards total more than 21, you have gone "BUST."

If your first two cards are an Ace and any Ten card you have "Blackjack" and will win one
and a half to one. You cannot lose, but if the dealer should also get Blackjack it is a standoff. If you feel the total of your first two cards can beat the dealer's total, you "stand pat" and do not draw any cards. If you feel that the dealer has cards that can beat your total, ask for additional cards, one at a time. This is called a "hit." After each player is satisfied, the dealer exposes his face down card. If his two cards total 16 or less, he must "hit" until he reaches 17. He cannot hit after he reaches 17 or over. If your total is closer to 21 than the dealer's, you win even money for your bet. If the dealer's total is less than yours or if he "busts," you win. Your dealer will be happy to explain other bets that can be made.




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